About Scota


We are Karen & Suzi and together we launched Scota Clothing in January 2021. 

After the chaos of 2020 we both realised that

A) We love comfort

B) We enjoy dressing in bright, bold designs and colours

C) We really wanted to use our combined experience to create a brand that would be inclusive, diverse and just downright fun!

I'm never sure if anyone ever reads these....

Karen showing her classy side.
Photographic evidence of how annoying Suzi is!

Allow me to tell you the fabled story of Karen & Suzi - get a cuppa!

On that lucky day, Karen was minding her own business trying to block out the ear piercing screeches of one of the children at nursery drop off when, lo and behold, in walks a total newcomer and stranger to the nursery loudly and rather tactlessly stating that "someone didn't sound happy" outside.

It was at that point Karen knew she wished to strangle Suzi and that feeling has rarely left the back of her mind!

There were many years of more children, fallings out, trips away, exercise attempts, making up and then one of us moving far far far away (60 odd miles but shhhh). This made us really take a good long hard look at how sarcastic and annoying Suzi is and Karen decided she would keep her as a favourite human person (more out of pity and habit than anything!)

A trip was planned to Rome and by goodness was that just the best idea ever!! I've added some pictures over there > 

Slip forward to mid 2020 when Karen sent a completely random message saying "wouldn't it be nice to make our own leggings and hoodies cos I can't be arsed with jeans anymore". Suzi agreed and we both thought it would purely be a whimsical thought that blew on past. It didn't! We kept coming back to the idea and now here we are with plans to introduce eco-ranges, bespoke sizing made for us in ranges from size 6-24 and custom designed yoga and fitness leggings.

Wow! What a difference a lockdown makes!

Lots of Love K & S