Where's my stuff?

Excellent question! Leggings are sent directly from us, using the age old method of wandering to the Post Office, having a lovely chat with the people inside the Post Office and sending all of our packages off with a skip, hop, gentle tap and a light kiss to the breeze (under the mask obvs!!). Packages are usually sent 2nd class but for spends of £30 + we use first class baby!!!


Hoodies and sweats are sent directly from our printers in the EU. They lovingly caress your hoody or sweat (that sounds wrong!) with inks and dyes and package it all up and send you a lovely link for tracking. These normally take about a week from ordering to get to you. 


Why does my hoody smell a bit weird?


Another top question!! 


The printing process and dyes can produce a kind of vinegary smell to the product. This seems to be universal for printed items, kind of like how every Grandfather had a shed that smelled just perfectly "sheddy". Never fear though - one airing or wash is all it takes!


Where's the plus size stuff people??


We know, we know!!! The frustration felt is real! We had anticipated having our larger sizes in by now but Covid and Brexit have conspired against us and we are just waiting on the hotly anticipated arrival of them all. As soon as they are here you will all know. Promise, promise. 

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