Catchy Title Enabled

I knew that would catch you all out, a zippy wee catchy title always does!

Today is Wednesday (I often have to remind myself what day it is seeing as I barely remember the year anymore), on Wednesday it's often said we wear pink but not on my watch!

Today is the day we drop our new designs. 80's and 90's style prints to show Mother Nature that it is most definitely almost Spring and to bring out the warm sun. We want it, we need it and we blooming well deserve it after this winter!

There are some whimsical pastels in there as well as the most stunning floral leggings I ever did see.

I'm supposed to be 'supporting' the children in their learning just now - instead I am browsing GIFs and drawing. What are you all doing? I want to see what you're all up to, preferably clothed please, even better if you're wearing some of our awesome legs!

Big BIG news coming in the next week about our Scota Curves range. We are so excited to share so please don't ask me (Suzi) for any info as I may burst and no-one wants that mess to clean up!!!

Can I just state for the record, I shall be using the GIF above as a future design.

Holy Fotheringhams, that's glorious.

I almost forgot to actually let anyone know any details about the new drop because I'm too busy just brain dumping thoughts on here.

NEW DESIGNS - WED 17/02/2021 7PM

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