Holy Moly!

It's been a month! One whole month and Karen hasn't killed me yet! (yet being the vital word there) That's right, Scota is one month old! Squeeeeeee

Let me tell you a wee story, I promise a reward at the end.

When we floated the random idea of starting Scota I was all for it, until I realised it may require me putting myself out there to the public and people who didn't actually 'know' me. That gave me the fear, pure unadulterated fear. More fear than you have ever had after a night out, blind drunk and woken up with no recollection of what you've said and to whom.

On the outside I'm a gobby cow (and utterly hilarious - clearly!) but on the inside I cringe at my very presence in society. I know so many people can identify with the whole anxiety and fear of just stuff in general, especially just now. You are not alone.

Karen (and our other Suzie up on an island far, far, far away) were the supportive and rational voices of calm in helping me stay sane up until 26th January 2021, launch day. They totally helped me realise I should embrace the cringe and the weirdness as we all feel it in some way.

From that, here we are, one month in and LOVING IT. You now get to read my random thoughts and enjoy the weirdness to its full extent. In turn, we get to be part of building a community of supportive, loving and truly hilarious humans who have welcomed us with virtual open arms and who continue to build each other up and share their experiences with each other.

This gif perfectly describes how we watch you all being your amazing selves.

I promised you a reward for getting through that full emosh outpouring there so - to celebrate one month in without me accidentally live streaming myself going for a pee or shouting at inanimate objects - we are having a weekend 10% off! Whoop.

Use the code MONTH1 for the discount and know that with every code used, we send a virtual smooshy kiss to each and every one of you.

Go, enjoy a fabulous weekend!

S x

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