How is everyone?

I know, not the usual catchy title but it's been an intense few weeks from what I've seen on social media.

For us, personally, the kids have gone back to school (some more part-time than others but it's a start!) giving us more time to focus on Scota......we also got a bit of a glimmer of hope in the form of a roadmap out of lockdown for all the UK nations! It's going to feel weird, right?

I feel like I've not updated anyone for aaaages so here all the behind the scenes work is...

We have larger sizes coming in in a couple of weeks (finally!) and we are so excited to share them with you all.

We had a massive meeting recently (a WhatsApp one but still a meeting!) discussing our own roadmap of sorts. We kept having these amazing ideas of where we could go with the company and what we could stock until we had a long think about what it is we want. We want you to feel empowered, comfortable and valued wearing our products. We really do appreciate every single one of you.

If you're going to do one thing, make sure you do it well.

This saying has been rattling around in our brains rent free for a while. Because of this we have been spending our time sourcing a new supplier who is going to provide us with a Scota brand design of activewear leggings to our specifications, in inclusive sizes, our own selection of prints on high quality activewear fabric, a deep high waistband and a large phone pocket. We have tested out some already from other suppliers and they just weren't up to our standards but we think we've found the best!

We will have loads of designs, some more subtle than others as well as our much anticipated Muted Heathers range which will be solid colours in a range of beautiful soft tones and shades.

We will be starting a group to get some feedback on designs we are looking at getting printed because we really value your input as well as thinking of taking pre-orders in the future to make sure you get just the ones you want.

We want to do one thing, and do it amazingly.

Note - we will not be getting rid of the hoody option but that will be changing a bit too so we have them in stock rather than outsourcing to printers.

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