That was nerve wracking.

Good grief, what a day it's been here!

The weather has been dreich but inside it's all palm trees and cocktails (well, houseplants and cups of tea, but surely a lass can dream?)!

Today, as most of you know, we launched fully. We threw ourselves into the abyss and hoped someone would notice and... BOY DID YOU GUYS NOTICE!!!

Not since Janet Jackson had that nip slip at the Superbowl have I seen such a flurry of excitement.

(NB - Sometimes prone to exaggeration - that's what happens when Karen lets me loose on here! S)

We have both been sitting in our homes trying to stay calm, do some home learning, reply to messages and nag our suppliers to get the curve range here as fast as possible with our jaws hitting the floor. Thank you, thank you, thank you a squillion times over for showing us both the love!

So, to celebrate, we are going to set up a Spotify playlist we will link to. You can use it to perk up your day, get to work, eat a biccie, walk the dog. Whatever it is you do with your time - heck you can even nap to it if you feel so inclined but it's there for you guys (and us, definitely me though as I seem unable to function without some kind of soundtrack going on in my "life of Suzi movie" I live in - akin to a Mr Bean episode).

Because we are feeling the love, have a look at these!

They truly are the retro 8-bit love of anyones dreams!

Off to search out my Spectrum ZX (If you don't know what that is, please don't judge our early games consoles. They were amazing!)

We would also love it if you could have a look at our social media pages and give us a cheeky wee like. Comment to tell us what colours are your faves, are dinos your obsession, do you love bright colours, what's your order at the bar for when we can all go out and meet in a pub again? (Gin and tonic here - large - with orange peel and pepper. Mmmmmmmm)

Enough of this wittering, toodle pip my beauts. You've made us feel so incredibly loved today



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