We Need You!!

Yes, you, over there. Don't look behind you - we are definitely pointing at you.

As a body inclusive brand and lovers of all manner of shapes and sizes we need your pictures. No, not those kind of pictures, get your minds out the gutters!

Lockdown day number seventy-bajillion has meant we have been unable to get a full photo shoot planned to make you a gloriously stylish look-book of our products. That's something you can help us with. We want to see you lounging, walking the dog/cat/ferret, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, napping on the sofa, playing in the snow. Whatever you've been doing, even working (whoooaaaa settle down there treacle), we want to see and share your awesomeness with our strong, powerful and top banana followers.

Short videos - YES!

Pictures - YES!

Reviews - YES!

All the yes!

I feel like Oprah right now.

Send them to our email address on our contact page or share them on our social media. Tag us and use the hashtag #Scota so we can find you!

I feel like we should start a member page to give you some sneak peeks and a space to share. Hmmmm - I shall ponder on that.

You never know, there could be something fabulous in it for you.......

PS - Don't forget our LoveNStuff promo on galtentines/valentines leggings.

PPS - New design drop happening next week - shhhhhh don't tell Karen I told you all though.....

Sending Oprah style love (not entirely sure what that is but feeling her energy today)

Suzi & Karen


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