Why, hello there!

"I'd love to own a clothing company selling comfy stuff. I love comfy stuff!"

This little fleeting comment between friends has led to today - launching our new brand with big, Big, BIG plans!!

Here is the start of our journey and what better day to do a formal, official start than Robert Burns Day, 25th January. We are Scottish after all!

Did you know:

  • Atlanta, Georgia, has a life sized replica of the Alloway cottage Burns was born in. Built in 1911. I've not been but now feel compelled to after we can travel again.

  • Tommy Hilfiger (yep, the fashiony type bloke) claims to be a direct descendant of good ole' Rabbie B!

  • Mr B died at the young age of 37 but was a busy bee. He fathered at least 12 children, with the youngest, Maxwell, being born on the day of his funeral.

  • He had a massive heid! When his body was exhumed (1815) to move to a mausoleum in Dumfries they took a plaster cast of his skull. It turns out his head was bigger than the average chap. Biggus Brainius indeed.

So to celebrate both of these events, let's share some wee Rabbie chat alongside a couple of our tartan styled leggings.

I murder hate

I murder hate by flood or field,

Tho' glory's name may screen us;

In wars at home I'll spend my blood -

Life-giving wars of Venus.

The deities that I adore

Are social Peace and Plenty;

I'm better pleased to make one more,

Than be the death of twenty.

I would not die like Socrates,

For all the fuss of Plato;

Nor would i with Leonidas,

Nor yet would i with Cato:

The zealots of the church and state

Shall ne'er my mortal foe be;

But let me have bold Zimri's fate,

Within the arms of Cozbi!

Robert Burns, song, 1790.

Though he states he wouldn't with Leonidas - those of us who have watched 300 may disagree! :D

Buttery soft, super stretchy and so so comfortable - you won't want to take them off! (Please do though, they'll need washed every so often!)

Sometimes the chat here will be relevant to clothes, sometimes it'll be just random musings and music. All in all, you'll get to share in our journey and be part of something blooming brilliant.

Much love

K & S


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