Anyone else do that when they were younger (or even now you lovely bendy strong lot)?


In classes we always got the beam and floor work or the vault. Never, ever were we allowed the weighted ball or the holy grail of all gymanstic endeavours, the ribbony swishy thing. 


They were top tier, next level, unattainable yet frequently dreamt about goals.


No matter how many times I now swish ribbon about in the house (Looking as elegant as anyone would do!) I cannot make the ribbon do the stuff they did. Was it a special robot ribbon? Hmmmm, more research required obviously.


In the mean time I shall live out these dreams by sporting gymnastic ribbony joy through clothing. I'm less likely to injure myself or someone else that way too. 


  • Our leggings are for everyday/pop to the shops/walk the dog/hang about the house wear and have a standard legging waistband.

    Made from our super soft poly/spandex double brushed mix (thinking of just naming that SSPSDB, you'll all know what it means, right?!)

    One size fits approx 8-14 (but I know for a FACT they fit a weird shaped 16)

    88% Polyester + 12% Spandex⁠/Elastane 

    Double brushed for that super soft feel

    Sublimation printing 

    (we are waiting on bespoke sizes being delivered which means we will be catering to loads and loads of sizes)