Please, please tell me you all used to watch the Wide Awake Club/Wacaday as a kid?


With Timmy Mallett?


School holidays were made of this but the rage felt up here in Scotland because it never started until the English holidays did which was sooooo many weeks awaaaayyyyyy......


I still hold a grudge against the TV stations for that. They could have had him in gainful employment for an extra 4 weeks per year minimum!


Anyway, my claim to fame is that my sister and I had our picture on Wacaday once. We were about 8 and 5 (ish), in our swimsuits on a beach somewhere probably freezing our toes off but nevertheless - we saw it on the TV and our whole summer was MADE!!


These fine leggings remind me of those awesome moments, watching people get slimed and gunged, swimming in the north sea claiming it was "warm" and getting chips on the beach. Mmmmmmm chips........

Wide Awake

  • Our leggings are for everyday/pop to the shops/walk the dog/hang about the house wear and have a standard legging waistband.

    Made from our super soft poly/spandex double brushed mix (thinking of just naming that SSPSDB, you'll all know what it means, right?!)

    One size fits approx 8-14 (but I know for a FACT they fit a weird shaped 16)

    88% Polyester + 12% Spandex⁠/Elastane 

    Double brushed for that super soft feel

    Sublimation printing 

    (we are waiting on bespoke sizes being delivered which means we will be catering to loads and loads of sizes)