Taking a stroll through the fields but make it gothic and brooding. 


That description above just sums up my complete style dreams. Whimsical but dark, fun but Wednesday Addams sarcasm jumping in there.


These fill my heart with joy, they make me think of opulent feasts and ruffled cuffs and shirts. Oh my, how good would these look with big boots and a ruffled shirt?


And a top hat you say?  YES! I'm so here for that.

Victorian Fields

  • Our leggings are for everyday/pop to the shops/walk the dog/hang about the house wear and have a standard legging waistband.

    Made from our super soft poly/spandex double brushed mix (thinking of just naming that SSPSDB, you'll all know what it means, right?!)

    One size fits approx 8-14 

    88% Polyester + 12% Spandex⁠/Elastane 

    Double brushed for that super soft feel

    Sublimation printing 

    (we are waiting on bespoke sizes being delivered which means we will be catering to loads and loads of sizes)

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